"Treebreaker 2"
Glenn and Mitchell catching a gator
Air Date March 15, 2012
Season 3
Episode 32
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"Treebreaker 2" is the 6th episode of Season 3 and the 32nd overall. It is set to air on March 15, 2012.


On the 6th day of the season, Troy's sons Jacob and Chase attempt to make a name for themselves. They go to a part of the swamp where Troy and Jacob caught Treebreaker. They decide to pursue a large gator, whom they believe to be Treebreaker's son. In the end, they are able to shoot the gator on the bank of the swamp.

20 miles north, Willie and Randy Edwards have their Treble hooks away to avoid getting Treble Hook Fever, where they spend all day treble hooking instead of running lines. Defying their orders, Willie and Randy go home and make their own treble hook and get the fever anyway.

In Homa, RJ and Jay Paul go to lands they known as "The Hive". There, they are able to get over 20 gators, but decide to keep going in order to find the alpha male. They are able to do so with the sun setting.

In the Conway Bayou, brothers Glenn and Mitchell decide to hunt for Alligator Gar. In the beginning, they catch an alligator instead. On the second try, they get a big catfish. On the final try, the brothers finally get the gar they were looking for.



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