The Godfather

"This is the real King of the Swamp right here'"
"The Godfather" is a large and old Alligator hunted by Troy and Clint in "Gator Gold Rush". It was notable for its black skin due to old age (claimed to be over 100 years). The gator lived around homes for many years, including Clint's. At first, the Godfather would not take the Chicken, so Troy decided to get Asian Carp instead. After many gators, the duo find the Godfather on a nearly broken line. They were able to shoot it fast; however, it came back to life. Another shot killed it for good.
Godfather body

The Godfather being squared away in the boat by Troy and Clint.


  • 13ft long
  • 850lbs


  • Although it was the featured alligator in "Gator Gold Rush", Liz got an even longer and heavier alligator in the same episode.