"Swamp Invaders"
Swamp Invaders
Jay Paul wrestling with a gator
Air Date February 14, 2013
Season 4
Episode 49
Episode Guide
"Texas Hold 'Em"
"Swamp Invaders" is the 1st episode of Season 4, and the 49th overall. It originally aired on February 14, 2013.


With a new season brings new problems. With Alligator prices still up from the previous year ($15 a foot for under 7ft, $30 a foot for above 7ft), the gold rush is still on. However, with Hurricane Isaac coming late, the first 5 days of season were un-huntable, bringing the 30 day season down to only 25 days. In Pierre Part, Troy Landry is back to his "Divide and Conquer" plan that worked well the previous season, and has 350 tags to fill. However, Clint Landry is too busy at his turtle farm to hunt with Troy again, so Troy brings in his oldest son, Brandon, who has not hunted in 10 years. After a rough start, they are able to get two large gators. But, during their hunt, they witness people they have never seen before.

On another side of Pierre Part, two Texans are hunting gators in Louisiana to get a head start before the Texas season begins. The Texans are T-Roy Broussard and Harlan "Bigfoot" Hatcher (nicknamed because he doesn't wear shoes). They planned to hunt 10 days, but Isaac put them back to only 5 days to fill 80 tags given to them by a landowner. They were able to get 8 gators, before being encountered by Troy and Brandon, who ask questions to make sure they are not poachers. Afterwards, they wager a bet. If Troy gets a bigger gator, he get's T-Roy's prized holster made of gator leather values at $3,000. If T-Roy gets a bigger gator, Troy will make him a big Cajun feast.

In Houma, RJ and Jay Paul are back to hunting land that they were unable to hunt a few years ago. Instead of their usual airboat, they are in a normal boat that can hold more gators. With 365 tags, they must catch over a dozen a day to tag out. However, trouble arises when they shoot a gator in open water that did not die, forcing Jay Paul to jump in and wrestle the gator to get it under control. By the end, they fill 18 tags, netting them over $2,000.

Finally, after surgery, Liz Cavalier is back in the swamp to hunt. She had her gallbladder removed, and was told not to pull gators in. On top of that, Kristi is still trying to get everything back in order after Isaac, so she will not be out for a few days. Meanwhile, Liz hires her young daughter, Jessica, to help. After catching just one gator, it proves that it may be a bad season due to Liz's pain.



Other LocalsEdit

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