"Sabotaged" is the 16th of Season 4 and the 64th overall. It originally aired on May 30, 2013.


With only 8 days left in the alligator season, the hunters are scrambling to fill tags. However, it is also the beginning of duck season. Early in the morning, RJ and Jay Paul go duck hunting, and they then discover that when they go alligator hunting, they forgot a gun. RJ is able to make due with a sledgehammer. The duo finish their day with a family feast of duck. Meanwhile, Bruce and Ron discover their lines have been knocked down. A call reveals that duck hunters have been knocking down gator lines so there is no commotion. They are able to snipe some gators to make up however.

With both Jessica and Kristi still gone, Liz calls on an old friend to help, Glenn. She asks him too come to get him out of the house and have fun. They are able to catch a few gators, which puts a smile on Glenn's face. Meanwhile, T-Roy and Bigfoot continue to hunt for gators that are terrorizing a farmer, despite Bigfoot wanting to duck hunt. At the end of the day, they are able to go duck hunting.



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