"Ride or Die" is the 11th episode of Season 4, and the 59th overall. It originally aired on April 25, 2013.


After two weeks, the season is halfway over. Without Willie, Junior enlists his wife, Theresa, to hunt with him. Originally, the duo struggle as Theresa hesitates to shoot. However, she redeems herself with the first gator she has shot in over ten years. Meanwhile, Liz and Jessica hunt in an area where Jessica had a dream that they caught a big gator. Going on the hunch, they are able to get the biggest gator of their season, and Jessica's biggest ever.

Across the state, Tom still struggles with his teen deckhand ZZ. Although they struggle to get along, they are able to get a few good gators. Meanwhile, Jeromy and David hunt in a secluded spot to escape a cold front that is causing the gators to go into hiding. They are able to get a massive gator, their best of the season.