"No Tomorrow" is the 22nd episode of Season 4, and the 70th overall. It also is the Season 4 finale. It originally aired on July 18, 2013.


On the final day of the shortened season, the remaining hunters are on their way on tagging out. However, a cold front moves through, making gators not bite. Troy and Chase go out to fill their remaining two tags. They catch the first one easily, but struggle to catch a second. They go deep into the swamp to find gators. As the sun sets, they are able to fill the remaining tag. Meanwhile, Bruce and Ron have only five tags left. They catch the first four easily. However, when Tyler gets ill, they decide to leave and not tag out for a second season, making Bruce question retiring. However, as they leave, one of their lines has a gator on land. Bruce gets out to untangle the line. But the rifle jams, and Tyler jumps out of the boat, and the gator goes for the old dog. Bruce jumps on the gator and uses his pocket pistol to finish it off. Despite the bad luck all season, Bruce tags out.

With ten tags left, RJ and Jay Paul struggle filling their tags. RJ worries about losing the land to hunt on if he does not tag out. However, they quickly hit as honey hole and easily tag out. Meanwhile, Liz and Kristi have to jump a levee with their boat to make it to a shallow area where the gators should not be affected by the cold. They are able to easily tag out, ending a rough season for them.

The episode ends with a monologue by the Narrator talking about life on the swamp showing clips of the past season, interrupted by monologues by many characters from the season. The episode ends with a shot of Glenn on Camp Mitchell, his brother's memorial houseboat.



Ending Monologue OnlyEdit

In no particular order:

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