"Never Say Die"
Big Jake finally killed
Air Date May 7, 2012
Season 3
Episode 43
Episode Guide
"Big Gators, Big Dollars"
"Never Say Die" is the 17th episode of Season 3, and the 43rd overall. It originally aired on May 7, 2012.


With one week left in season, the hunters are scrambling to get tags filled. Troy sends his sons Jacob and Chase into "The Armpit" to help fill tags. Things start off lucky for them, after discovering a horseshoe in the water. Things quickly turned awry when they lose a gator and Chase accidentally grabs a beehive when stringing bait. It is not til later when the luck returns, and they are able to pull in a massive load. With Malcom hurt, Junior calls in his cousin Gerald to help. Riding on Gerald's beginner's luck, they are able to make a good haul, until they lose a large gator. Then, Junior and Gerald sit and wait for it, and treble hook him when the time comes.

Desperate for un-hunted land, Joe and Tommy go to a deep canal. Upon first sight, things look bad. No bait has been taken, and there is a large bull gator bullying the other ones. They name him Big Jake, after a bully Tommy had as a kid. Trying their "Shake and Bake", they catch one gator, which was a victim. They realize that the gator is eating fish, not hanging chicken. So they catch fish and hang them and are able to catch and kill the bully. Feeling pain from the season, Liz goes with Kristi with many tags still remaining. After the first gator, Liz finds out she is too hurt to pull the gators in, so Kristi takes control of it. Despite initially being slowed down, they are able to gain a good pace.




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