"Man Down"
Air Date June 28, 2012
Season 3
Episode 46
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"King of the Swamp"
"Fight to the Finish"
"Man Down" is the 20th episode of Season 3, and the 46th overall. It originally aired on June 28, 2012.


With prices at an all-time high, there are only 3 days remaining in the 30 day season. Troy and Clint, along with Rebel, must fill Rebel's remaining 18 tags, along with their 45 tags. However, they discover a problem. Small, 4 ft gators are pulling the chicken off the lines, without eating the hook. To combat this, Rebel decides to wrap the lines around the chicken itself. In the end, they fill all of Rebel's tags, and Troy no longer cares if he tags out because he helped someone in need. Joe and Tommy are in line to tag out early with 25 tags remaining, so they decide to go after a big gator. They discover a small island with a large gator's trail along with a resting place. They name the gator Fat Cat, and Joe also calls the island "South Beach". After going after the one, they are able to catch it.

Feeling the pain from almost a full month of gator hunting, RJ is becoming exhausted. But, he refuses to give up, and only takes a small break at the urging of Jay Paul. Although they did not make 18 a day quota, they still are on track of tagging out. Glenn and Mitchell go Alligator Gar fishing, but discover their jugs (which the bait is attached to) has drifted to the Gulf of Mexico. They start off by catching a Sting Ray and a Shark, but they then catch the gar they were after. Their sister, Tanya, decided to trade some gar for turtle soup piquant, but they discover she decided not to kill them and she let them go. Nevertheless, she gets the gar she wanted.



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