"Gates of Hell"
RJ being bit by a gator
Air Date April 19, 2012
Season 3
Episode 36
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"Under Siege"
"Gates of Hell" is the 10th episode of Season 3 and the 36th overall. It originally aired on April 19, 2012.


Now halfway done with the season, the hunters are on track for tagging out. Troy and Clint go to a special area known as the "Gates of Hell" to avoid boat traffic. They originally get stuck going in. Once inside, they are able to catch many gators, and Troy is nearly bitten. On the way out, they get stuck again and have to row out. Willie and Randy are given a quota, six gators or their separate boat will be cut. In the end they catch eight, one more than Junior.

Joe and Tommy are finally back on the water to catch gators. They are able to get back on track to tag out. RJ and Jay Paul celebrate RJ's 50th birthday, and they decide to catch 50 alligators. One of the first gators caught bit RJ in the foot, and he was nearly bit again on gator 49. After this, he gave up to celebrate his birthday, where his 50th gator is in the form of a cake.