"Fight to the Finish"
Junior and Willie catching Big Bertha
Air Date July 5, 2012
Season 3
Episode 47
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"Man Down"
"Fight to the Finish" (originally "Stick and Move") is 21st episode of Season 3, and the 47th overall. It is set to air on July 5, 2012.


With only 2 days remaining, the hunters are on the track of tagging out. With Rebel's tags filled, Troy and Clint still have 45 tags to fill. They go to an old honey hole, and are able to fill 25 of the remaining tags. With a few tags remaining, Junior and Willie go on the search of a gator named Big Bertha. With 2 tags left, they successfully capture the half-ton beast. To fill their final tag, they treble hook a large gator.

Joe and Tommy have their hopes on tagging out first. With Tommy taking charge, they go to a place Tommy thinks will deliver. In the end, it does, and the duo tag out before anyone else. This is the first time Joe filled all of his tags a day early. Still feeling exhaustion, RJ and Jay Paul perform a "Stick and Move" method. Despite not catching a large haul, they are still in target to tag out on the final day.

As per Liz's tradition, she moves to her dad's old honey hole for the final days. Together with Kristi, they make a great haul and have a good jump on tagging out. The episode ends with clips of Joe's and Junior's seasons, and the rest provide dialogue (including Bruce and Ron, who were not featured) about how they feel going into the last day.