A gator biting Bruce's gun
Air Date July 12, 2012
Season 3
Episode 48
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"Fight to the Finish"
"Swamp Invaders"

"Endgame" (originally "Bayou's Best") is the 22nd episode of Season 3, and the 48th overall. It is the Season 3 finale. It originally aired on July 12, 2012.


After 29 days of a gator "gold rush", the final day has arrived. With 14 tags remaining, Troy and Clint look for a big gator to finally cement Troy's title "King of the Swamp". After filling 12 of the tags, they move to a shallow area of the swamp where a massive gator lies. On the final line of the season, they are able to catch a season's best 13ft 7in gator. At their end of the season, Bruce, Ron, and Tyler have 45 tags left after a Bruce's worst season ever. Despite all of their hard work on the final day, they are only able to catch 16 gators, leaving 29 unfilled. Bruce, however, keeps positive and vows to be back next year.

Still challenging Troy's title of "King of the Swamp", RJ wants to finish off his 11 tags with a massive gator. Him and Jay Paul are able to easily catch the first 10. Then, to finish off, they are able to hook a massive gator that they finish off quickly. The 13ft gator finished off RJ's 500 tags. With only 7 tags to fill, Liz and Kristi run into problems. With oxygen levels in the water down, fish are now dead and floating on water, which the gators eat instead. After moving, they are able to catch 6 of the gators, and finish off by shooting a 9ft alligator in open water.



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  • The opening ends with Mitchell Guist shooting a rifle and disappearing in the smoke of the gun, which may be a reference to his death, and another way of a tribute.