"Cursed" is the 10th episode of Season 4, and the 58th overall. It originally aired on April 18, 2013.


With the second week of season ending, a bad omen happens to the hunters. While hunting, Troy and Brandon catch a gator that comes back to life in the boat, and has to be shot again. As they return to the buyer, they discover that one of their gators is missing a tag, which means Troy must use another tag for one gator, potentially losing him $500. While there, Troy discovers another gator has come alive and is shot, but not before biting Troy in the foot. Meanwhile, Bruce and Ron have a boat full of gators, when they catch a yellow alligator, a sign of bad luck. Last year, Bruce caught a yellow gator and was cursed for the season. Later they catch another yellow gator, which causes them to return home.

At Houma, RJ and Jay Paul cannot catch a gator on a line, and Jay Paul cannot hit any open water gators. That night, they have a ceremony to remove the bad spirits. Back in Texas, T-Roy and Bigfoot begin to hang their lines.

The next day, the curses appear to be lifted. Troy is still in pain, but is able to hunt still. Bruce and Ron are able to catch some big alligators, which causes Bruce to think the second yellow gator broke the curse the first one gave. Finally, Jay Paul was able to shoot an open water gator with no problems.