"Blood Runs Deep" is the 18th episode of Season 4, and the 66th overall. It originally aired on June 13, 2013.


With only 5 days left in the season, teams are scrambling and having issues. With Troy injured, he is done for the season. So, Jacob and his uncle Guy (Troy's brother) attempt to salvage the season. However, they are unable to catch many gators, and still have over 80 tags for 4 remaining days. Meanwhile, with Kristi back, Liz plans to get back on course. However, Kristi struggles from not hunting all season, causing Liz to take charge. Despite the problems, they are able to catch a load of big gators.

In Texas, T-Roy and Bigfoot visits T-Roy's father who tells T-Roy that he is unable to fill his remaining tags and that he wants T-Roy to fill them. They spend their day filling tags where his dad hunted, and are able to fill his remaining tags. They skin the last gator they got, a 12-footer, to give to T-Roy's dad. Meanwhile, Glenn and his neighbor TK go raccoon hunting and gar fishing and have a cookout for his friends and family.



Other LocalsEdit

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