"Bad Mojo" is the 4th episode of Season 4, and the 52nd overall. It originally aired on March 7, 2013.


With a week over, the hunters run into problems. Coming to their first line, Troy and Brandon discover it has been cut. They then discover some of T-Roy and Bigfoot's lines on their land. After confronting them, the Texans decide to move them. Despite this, Troy is still able to get a respectable gator, although not big enough to win a bet. Meanwhile, T-Roy and Bigfoot also run into cut lines. Troy's other sons Jacob and Chase run into cut lines and bait one with a trail camera. The next morning, they discover a picture with the poacher's boat that shows the registration numbers.

Bruce and Ron hit the water again, but discover that canes still block their path. Instead of giving up, Bruce hits the canes at high speeds to go right over them. Here he discovers his family's old camp is destroyed, and Bruce holds back his tears. While back there, he is able to hang bait. New to the show, Tom Candies and ZZ Loupe hit the water. ZZ's grandfather was Tom's mentor, and with ZZ's grandfather gone, Tom is mentoring ZZ. They are able to get some good gators, but discover Tom realizes that teenage ZZ can be a problem.